Congratulations to Robert Morali who recently completed 5.2 Million Miles of tractor trailer driving for UPS without an accident!

Was he lucky? Not according to Mr. Morali. He credits his training (which is similar to the Smith System training) by UPS on the "Five Seeing Habits" which are: 

  1. Aim High In Steering – This means look down the road at least 12-15 seconds instead of right in front of your vehicle. This lets you plan an out for any hazard that might be in front of you.
  2. Get the Big Picture – Maintain the proper following distance (at least one car length for every 10MPH) and scan to the front, sides, and rear constantly. Mr Morali stated he checked his mirrors every 2 seconds.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving – Scan don’t stare. Don’t keep your eyes focused on an object for more than 2 seconds. Eliminate eye holding patterns.
  4. Leave Yourself An Out – Surround yourself with space and always leave yourself an escape route in case the unexpected happens.
  5. Make Sure They See You – Communicate in traffic with your horn, turn signals, and brake lights. Watch traffic to make sure they see you. Use you signals and tap your brakes to make sure those drivers following you know what you are doing. 

These are common sense tips, widely taught as safe driving techniques in the trucking industry. When followed, a safe professional truck driver, like Mr. Morali, can have an entire driving career without a wreck.