Roadcheck is a 72-hour event in which inspectors set up more than 1,000 checkpoints on highways across North America to monitor truck safety compliance. While this sounds like a good thing, the fact is the event is publicized within the industry MONTHS in advance, allowing dangerous truckers time to get off the road. Even with the advance notice almost 20% of truckers WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE SAFE are found to have safety violations! Imagine how high the numbers would be if it was a random safety check that was not preannounced?  

The industry allows touts the success rate but turns a blind eye to the failures. June 8-10 will be the 2010 Roadcheck. Expect a self serving "we are safer this year than ever before" shortly thereafter. How bad is the problem? By my estimation in 2008 there were 92,500 commercial drivers DUI drivers daily on our roads!