I wanted to thank all the great speakers on the national trucking program I moderated last Saturday in New Orleans, as well as all the speakers at the private, ITLG members only, program on Friday. We had a great turnout and enjoyed hearing different approaches to problems from around the country. My particular thanks as well to the great staff at AAJ, in particular Molly Laurence and Scott Gehring, and fellow trucking attorney, and the head of the ITLG special project committee, Robert Collins. This is the largest annual national program for lawyers representing those injured in a tractor trailer collision.

Consider what you want for your case. You can certainly hire the faculty to represent you, you can hire someone who attended, or you can hire someone who did not even bother to attend the program. I would suggest, for your case, that you should at least make sure whoever you hire attended the program and is keeping up on the law in this complex and unique area.

The seminar agenda for the Association for Justice’s Litigating Trucking Collision Cases was as follows, I have included the lawyers website link for you as well if you want to ask the lawyer for a copy of their paper or reach them directly. Our speakers were: 


 Moderator – Morgan Adams

 Documents, Records, and Data—All Kinds of Discovery – Emily Hawk Raley

 Trucking 101: What You Need to Know Before Handling Your First Trucking Case – Michael R. Cowen

 The Records Custodian—The Most Critical Deposition in a Trucking Case – Kenneth L. Shigley

 Interstate Trucking Cases: Equipment, Reconstruction, Evidence Preservation/Spoliation, and Temporary Restraining Orders – Daniel J. Buba

The "Big Ten" COmmercial Transportation "Rules of the Road"Steven M. Gursten

Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010: A New Set of Rules for Trucking Companies and Drivers – Lawrence  Simon

 How to Lose a Trucking Case – Allan P. “Chip” Sloan, III  

FMCSR, CDL Manuals, and Negligence Per Se – Matthew A. Cartwright  

The Rogue Trucking Company – Michael J. Leizerman  

Bias and Right Jury Modeling – R. Eddie Davidson