Over the last year I put together a one day program, on behalf of the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group, for the American Association for Justice’s Annual Convention in San Francisco. This is a national conference, and the biggest gathering of lawyers representing the injured in the US. The lawyers that attend know their stuff and do not suffer fools gladly. You know if you have a bad program because the lawyers will leave. I was proud to be able to select from the best lawyers from across the country for my program and was grateful to each presenter for their time, effort and knowledge. We had a full house for the program and, in many cases, standing room only.

The topics and speakers included:

  1. Hard Times in Trucking Litigation: What to Do When the Trucking Defendant or Insurer Goes Under, Ken Shigley
  2. Overlooked Issues in Maximizing Damages in a Trucking Case, Robert Karns
  3. Unique Discovery Issues in Trucking Cases, Marion Munley
  4. When Low Speeds Can Cause Big Injuries: Understanding What Happens When a Big Truck Hits a Small Car, Joseph Fried
  5. Overdriving Headlights and Other Night Driving Issues in Interstate Trucking Cases,  Daniel Buba
  6. Truck vs. Motorcycle, Lawrence Simon
  7. Ethical Considerations in Interstate Trucking Cases,Richard Traulsen
  8. The Small Commercial Vehicle Case, Shean Williams
  9. Finding Insurance in Truck Crash Cases, Michael Leizerman (unable to present due to a conflict)
  10. Brain Injuries in Trucking Cases,Steven Gursten
  11. Space Management by Commercial Drivers, Robert Sachs
  12. Landmines in Your Case, Rodney Jew

My thanks to each for all their hard work. I would also like to thank the various experts that also presented and explained the inner workings of a trucking company and various accident reconstruction issues.