One of the devastating issues involved with the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler is what happens to the corporations liability for negligent manufacture of some cars, trucks, and SUV’s? It appears the  the corporations may be immune from suit after the bankruptcy (although that has not been finalized at this time). The immunity provision was asked for by GM and Chrysler and is opposed in the bankruptcy court. If it does become part of the courts ruling it means if your family burns alive, and survives with millions of dollars in medical bills and in the future will require hundreds of thousands more in reconstructive surgeries GM and Chrysler can simply say sorry, we are immune and have your case kicked out of court.

I firmly believe that people, and corporations, need to be held responsible for their actions. I don’t think I could own a car knowing that if the manufacture caused a defect, that caused harm to my family, they could simply walk away.

I am lucky as my wife bought a Ford, so we personally don’t have to face this decision, and it may be that the government steps in and pays for this as it has for so much else (don’t get me started on the wasted money in the stimulus package) or the court rules another way. But if I owned a Chrysler or GM car, SUV or Truck I would sell it before the market was flooded with cars from people moving away from these brands. I wouldn’t wait to see what happens, by then it may be too late.

Finally, remember that this won’t apply to GM or Chrysler/Fiat cars that were made after the companies filed for bankruptcy. So if you want to upgrade, please show your spouse this blog and tell them you have to upgrade "on my lawyer’s advice!"