I just came back from speaking at the above conference with some of the finest lawyers in the country. I have to say I learned more at this seminar than I have at many of the seminars I have attended over the last several years. The goal of the seminar was to have super specialists come and talk about their small little world in a successful effort to lift all boats.

I spoke on trucking accidents and others spoke on burn injuries, representing the elderly, conversing with conservative jurors, the impact of family law issues on personal injury cases, etc… It was a pleasure listening to those at the top of their field and Gary Gober, http://www.goberlaw.com/attorneyprofile.html, who put this all together, should be commended.

When you talk to your lawyer, ask him: "What seminars have you taught to lawyers in the last six months and on what subjects?" If they can’t answer that ask them "What seminars have you attended in the last six months?"

Ongoing legal education, and having exposure to the way different lawyers handle cases, is critical to becoming the best lawyer that a person can be. The funny thing about perfection, if you strive for it long enough you just might get there. Please see my earlier emails on how to hire a Trucking Lawyer for your case.