I am sorry for being behind on the blog, I was speaking at several seminars, have been actively working with other  trucking lawyers to lobby congress on critical safety regulations (more on this later), and working on my presentations. So where have I been?

I was in New Orleans speaking on "Fatigue in Trucking Cases" at the Southern Trial Lawyers Association, then off to Vegas for the American Association for Justice’s Interstate Trucking Litigation Program speaking on "Rollovers" and then, after a few days working on cases, I popped down to Orlando for the Florida Justice Associations Workhorse Seminar and spoke on "Deposing the Safety Director."

While I was gratified by all the kind comments from attendees, more important for my clients was the learning, testing, and discussing of the critical issues in the trucking cases that I have pending. Frankly, any lawyer that does not take advantage of these seminars to discuss with other lawyers, who are experts in the in the field of trucking litigation, the difficult aspects of their clients cases are insane. This gets back to what you look for if you need to hire a trucking lawyer. If your lawyer has not attended at least one trucking specific program every year, for the last five years, you should be looking for another lawyer.

If you thought I was actually going to put all the great ideas I learned from the speakers on the web, for all the defense lawyers to learn and benefit from, I am sorry to disappoint. However I promise to share them with all the defense lawyers when we are in court!