Once again the failure to have seat belts on school buses has resulted in injuries to our children. In this Nov 12, 2008, wreck involving Whitwell Elementary School students I believe many of the injuries could have been prevented if only there were seat belts on the bus. I have blogged on this topic in the past.

I believe the school board and the government has responsibility for these injuries by allowing a school bus on the roads without seat belts.

Liability will be determined with the help of a DriveCam video the Tennessee Highway Patrol is evaluating. You can see my earlier posts on DriveCam for more about this system. Essentially the system preserves a video clip of a few seconds before the wreck and a few seconds after the wreck.

I would encourage the families with seriously injured children involved in this tragedy to contact a lawyer that can adequately investigate and pursue the various claims and parties involved. Given significant enough injuries potential defendants would include the the drivers (apparently there was a small pickup that may have contributed to the wreck), the bus manufacturer, the operating company (probably Laidlaw as they currently have the DriveCam system installed on the school buses they operate); and the government.

  • concerned mother

    I know this comes late but the seat belt issue is a good cincer but it has no relivance if the bus is to crowded for them to be used. We have drivers that are putting 3 highschool students per seat and you know as well as i do that it is hard enough to fit 2 to a seat.

    Lets not to forget to mention that they now have cameras on the bus for the inside to watch the kids and the driver.
    The cameras do not do any good either since they are not checked unless someone calls about an incident on the bus. I think it would be good for a drivecam would be a good idea, but the only time it will be checked is when there is a accident. If they would check them on a regular basis it would cut down on the drivers who go out of there way to hits dogs and swerve all over the road for no reason and running high rates of speed such as free wheeling down a moutian side and going over high spots in the road just to make the kids pop out of there seats. lets not forget cussing at the children.

    The seat belts would not be an issue if they would actually evaluated all of the bus drivers. I know of first hand of drivers doing thses actions. I have witnesses as well as children that ride the bus of a diver that does these very things. I worry everyday about it but the transportation dept. for the school wont do anything unless a person calls and then it is iffy.