I am happy to announce I have been selected to be on the 2008-2009 National Advisory Board of AITLA. The organization describes this honor as follows:

The National Advisory Board of the Association of Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America is an unpaid voluntary group of lawyer citizens from across America who have agreed to provide the association with innovative guidance and counsel in the methods of learning, litigation and legislation to help us to achieve our association’s stated mission.

Our National Advisory Board members include lawyer citizens who are recognized leaders in their profession, many of whom have been voted by their peers to elected offices in their respective local or state bar associations, or state, local or national trial lawyer associations or litigation groups. Our board also includes frequent speakers at local, state or national continuing legal education programs on the subject of interstate trucking litigation or trial practice. Some are nationally recognized authors on interstate trucking litigation.

Membership on this board is by invitation only. Membership is limited to a group of not more than 50 lawyer citizens from across America. Board members agree to work within our association to help us to achieve a substantial reduction in the thousands of traffic deaths and injuries that occur each year on America’s highways that are caused by unsafe trucking companies who choose to operate in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Prior to extending an invitation to any lawyer to serve on our National Advisory Board, careful consideration is given to a number of important criteria, including each potential board member’s knowledge, reputation, litigation record and qualifications in interstate trucking litigation. There is no "big firm" requirement to serve on the board. More importantly, there is a "big heart" requirement. To help determine that last element of qualification, a personal interview is conducted prior to extending an invitation.