Because my firm specializes in litigating collisions involving tractor trailers, frequently I get asked if I believe all truck drivers are dangerous. The answer is a resounding NO.

A fine example of the best in the trucking industry is the Small Trucking Association’s Team 2007. The members of Team 2007 are perfect examples of safe professional tractor trailer drivers. These ten (10) drivers have a combined 269 years of driving experience and with more than 30 MILLION accident free miles driven. My hat is off to the 2007 team consisting of:

1.       George Drewicke

2.       Donnie Sanders

3.       Harry Bolm

4.       Doyle Zorn

5.       Timothy Carroll

6.       Ken Bohman

7.       Jim Ryburn

8.       Richard Swonger

9.       Richard Maschino and

10.    Stan Scott