The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) adopted more stringent standards for cargo securement last year. These standards help ensure the safety of truck drivers, and everyone else on the highways because if a load shifts the tractor trailer can roll over. Additionally, the load can simply fall off the truck with improper cargo securement so strengthening the rules requiring greater cargo securement makes everyone safer.

Unfortunately on September 28, 2007 the FMCSA weakened the rules in regards to hay bales. Instead of straps every 10′ the new regulation requires one strap for a 32′ trailer and two if the trailer is between 32′ and 48′.

Having moved my fair share of hay bales into the second floor of barns, I can tell you there is nothing funny about a 40-50 pound hay bale bouncing towards you on the highway. I think this is a bad decision and someone will die as a result.