Last Friday I had the pleasure to chair the 2007 Trucking Litigation Seminar for the Tennessee Trial Lawyers. I have been the chair of this program for the last five years and believe we truly have had the best experts and lawyers in the country appear at the program. I think the lawyers who attended the seminar agreed based on the feedback I heard and the written evaluations given to the Tennessee Trial Lawyers.

While I spoke on the application of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to litigation, and the critical need for lawyers to be familiar with these regulations prior to accepting a tractor trailer case, the other presenters had superb programs, better than I had any right to expect. 

I was pleased to note a record turnout with lawyers from many states present including a few that had flown in for the seminar. I would like to thank each of the speakers for their incredible presentations. It was clear they worked hard on their materials. The presenters included:

John Moore a Certified Safety Director with years of experience and insider knowledge about the trucking industry. His lecture on trucking company documents for the litigator provided critical information to anyone handling a trucking case. John can be reached through Ruhl Forensics

Dan Ramsdell is a nationally known trucking litigation attorney and author who achieved great recognition for his results in a truck backup case and the faulty design of a trucking terminal. He spoke to the group on backup cases. Dan works out of his office in Missiouri and can be reached at:

Michael Leizerman is the author of one of the three best books on trucking litigation in the country. In addition to his incredible book, he is an incredible attorney. He spoke on obtaining punitive damages against trucking companies that put dangerous drivers and defective trucks on the highways risking the lives of everyone on the road. He was preaching to the choir with me as I think these companies should be run out of business. Michael runs his practice out of Ohio and can be reached at:

Richard Traulsen is a past president of the American Association of Justice Interstate Trucking Litigation Group and lives and works in Arizona. He has lectured across the country on trucking litigation topics and is a recognized expert in the area. His insightful presentation on using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in jury instructions and as a basis for negligence per se is as good as it gets in legal education. Richard can be reached at:

Richard Jenson is one of the premier jury consultants in the United States. He has a special emphasis on trucking litigation and has actively fought for victims rights in this area. His insightful comments on  jury bias’ and attitudes when a tractor trailer is involved in a collision was not to be missed. Richard is one of the experts that anyone trying a tractor trailer case should consult. He can be reached at:

Jeff Burns has been called America’s Trucking Lawyer for all the hard work he has put into making the roads and highways of America safer. A superb trial lawyer, one of the best of his generation in trucking cases, Jeff’s law practice takes him from his home in Kansas City across the nation. He can be reached at: