"Safety Director" is now a firmly entrenched title at all trucking companies. Everyone likes to say they are safe, but are they? First look at what a the responsabilities of a safety director. The certification course for Safety Directors given by the NATMI, an affiliate of the American Trucking Association, shows that safety directors are responsible for: driver hiring, training and supervision; accident investigation and prevention; fleet maintenance; and DOT/OSHA/HazMat regulatory compliance. It is the safety director that is responsible for the trucking companies compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Questions safety directors should be asked by those involved in a collision include: How many other jobs do you have and how much time is spent on safety? What training have you had? Has the trucking company ever paid for you to have training in safety? Has the trucking company ever adopted a suggestion from the safety director which cost money?  If the trucking company has grown from 50 trucks to 500 trucks has the safety departments budget grown? Is there a safety newsletter or column?

Ironically, safety is frequently only given lip service at trucking companies although studies have shown that safety actually saves money over the long term for the trucking companies. Safety is "JOB ONE" because it saves money, it is also the right thing for a responsible company to do.